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RHINOs Information

   Our Mission: To be the coolest bicycle club in the Cedar Rapids area of course!
Our group consists of young and old, fast and slow, dedicated and not so dedicated riders. We all have one thing in common though - we are in it to have a good time!

If you want to train for RAGBRAI, this is the team to join! We have a progressive Saturday ride schedule, starting with short, easy rides in the early season, progressing to 75 mile rides in the weeks before RAGBRAI. There is even an optional century ride.

If you just want to get some exercise once a week, join us for our Wednesday rides, where the basic ride length is about 15 miles, with options to ride up to 30 miles. Ride at your own pace. Join us at The Shack mid-ride, and at the Rhinos Room at Third Base after the ride for a cold brew and embellished ride recaps!

Although we are all about the fun aspects of biking, we do expect our riders to ride safe which includes wearing a helmet, moving to the right when traffic approaches from behind, and avoid drafting unless windy conditions call for it. If you must draft, be sure you let the person you are drafting behind know you are there.

The RHINOs e-mail list: Often, weather, road conditions, or the changing whims of our riders dictate schedule changes. Your best bet is to ride with us, and monitor the periodic e-mails so you won’t miss any of the fun! Changes will be communicated as quickly as possible via our e-mails which is the main form of communication to the members of the group. Occasionally there will be some spicier details on some of our activities. Good natured ribbing, double entendre quotes and embellished stories are the norm here. If you are easily offended, just skip the ride write-ups and check the upcoming rides section.

To join the RHINOs e-mail list, send a request to Gary Beyer and I'll get you on the list!