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Northtowne is dedicated to building relationships with our customers and contributing to the health of our community through cycling. For over 9 years, Northtowne has been Iowa’s e-bike leader. In those years of researching, riding, selling and servicing e-bikes we’ve become very knowledgeable about how these products perform. Our experience and “personal shopper” approach means we match you to the bike and technology that best delivers the ride experience you desire. We’ve procured a specific collection of bikes from 7+ brands to provide selection, but not overwhelming choice. Simply stated, we know HOW to help you find the perfect e-bike for your lifestyle. Be a part of the e-bike revolution and start your journey now!!! Call or stop in to talk with one of our e-bike experts today.

Satisfaction and e-bike grin guaranteed!

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Whether you’re riding to improve your fitness, joining your (faster) significant other for a ride, commuting to work, or just looking to have more fun on two wheels, an e-bike can be the perfect solution.

What Our Customers Say

"My 1st ever ride over 20 miles was on my e-bike at age 56! I was still smiling at the end & felt good the next day! More of that in my future!" – Julie 

"I love my e-bike too! Asthma caused me to avoid long or hilly trails and always feel like I was slowing others down. Now I can go as long and fast as others .... in fact my husband bought an eBike to keep up with me!" Terry

First Class Service Relationship

Routine maintenance is an important part of bike ownership and the best way to protect your investment.  Our team of industry-certified technicians are always current on the latest technologies and ready to help make your bike perfect for you. Our complimentary New Bike Check-Up, free maintenance consultations and quick turn-around time make sure you understand your bike's needs and keep it running like the day you took it home.

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Get The Bike You Really Want

We’re here to make your purchase easy, and get you out on the trail enjoying the bike of your dreams with all the accessories you need to make it safe and comfortable.  Use our Freedom to Ride Card and enjoy 12 months deferred interest on all e-bikes.

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