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Electric Bikes

Amplify Your Ride with Electric Bikes

Ride the latest in e-bike technology and become the leader of the pack. Great for commutes, casual rides, and even group rides. The newest pedal-assist systems allow you to go wherever life takes you with minimal effort.


Ditch the car and ride to work or school on an electric bike. Enjoy your commute as the pedal-assist technology amplifies your efforts.


Enhance your weekend ride. Electric bikes add to your pedaling efforts, allowing you to ride your favorite bike path with less effort.


Tackle your favorite trail with more gas left over at the end. Climb hills quicker than before. Enjoy longer rides. Speed through flats.

E-Bikes: Enabling, Exhilarating, Empowering ……

FUN amplified!

Electric hybrid bikes, commonly called E-Bikes, may sound space-age yet are simple in concept. E-bikes are bikes that come equipped with battery-powered electric motors.  The popularity of E-bikes is rooted in the reality that they make cycling a lot more fun for riders of all ability levels. These bikes are ridden like a regular bike, so the rider must pedal the bike, but the electric motors assist the rider with additional power (as little or much as you like) when needed or desired.  The electric motor doesn’t remove exercise from the ride: it helps riders of all ages and ability levels go farther and faster, even while tackling tough terrain.

Why an E-Bike?

Known for being quiet and non-polluting, E-bikes solve a lot of problems that may prevent people from riding as much as they would like.  E-bikes help riders get up hills, conquer headwinds, commute to work without getting sweaty, keep up with stronger riders, reduce transportation costs and carbon footprint, run errands or carry heavy groceries home from the store or market. 

E-bikes are a game changer for every rider. Once you’ve ridden one, it is easy to understand their popularity and why so many people are choosing to ride E.  Oh, and if someone asks you “isn’t that cheating?” You can reply “not cheating, enabling. I can ride a bike again!” 

Iowa’s E bike Experts

Northtowne, known for being Iowa’s E bike expert for almost a decade, offers the widest selection of electric bikes in Iowa from top brands such as Gazelle, Specialized, Giant, Raleigh Electric, IZIP, Haibike, Pedego, Cannondale, and Benno and our clientele spans across 5 states. Decades of selling and servicing tens of thousands of bikes alongside electronic/mechanical equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes has earned us this expert level recognition. Our passion for this category of bicycle is evident the moment you begin doing business with us. Together our knowledge and experience ensures you will have the best E-bike shopping, ride and owner experience.

Ready for a Test Ride?

Stop in to see our huge selection of E-bikes, and call ahead to make a personal test ride appointment on the right type of products, because there is no way to describe how much fun it is.  You won’t believe it until you’ve ridden one!

If you are coming from out of town, you can call ahead if you’d like to make an appointment.  Our e-bike experts are always willing to have a casual chat about the bikes, but with plenty of choices to consider, you’ll benefit from giving us a chance to gather some information and talk with you in advance of your visit.  That way, we can make sure to have the right bikes built and ready, and the time available, for an extended test ride if necessary.

Beat the hills!       Cheat the wind!        Ride faster & farther than you dreamed!

Ride like a kid again!  

Visit us and grab your E bike grin!

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